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BEC is located at 501 Johnny F. Smith Avenue in Slidell, Louisiana. Our location is strategically positioned in close proximity to Interstates 10 and 12. This supports ease of accessibility and is keen for national and international shipping via road, rail, or water. 



Water Drops



BEC is an aggressive food manufacturing company that is ten (10) years young and excited with what the future holds in new development and growth. BEC has recently increased its production area and added a new warehouse to its J. F. Smith location and is planning for continued expansion within the next two (2) years.


BEC Niche’: While BEC primarily provides services as a “co-packer” for unique clients, BEC prides itself in new product development through its onsite Food Scientist and state-of-the-art Research and Development team. BEC also has its own private label products.


BEC Specialty: BEC specializes in cold-fill but also provides services for hot-fill, preservative free, high acid products, and some low acid products. BEC has three (3) production lines capable of filling glass bottles, PET plastic bottles, jars and jugs and spouted re-sealable pouches.  An added fourth (4th) production line is planned for mid-summer 2023. BEC is currently the largest “pouch” co-packer in Louisiana.


New Product Development: BEC has two (2) Food Scientists on its staff and offers a full-service laboratory and test Kitchen with a large inventory of unique flavors in its library. The BEC laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to ensure quality of the highest standards. Our flavor profiles and product blending capabilities allow us to go from customer-conception to product design and on to individual or mass manufacturing, packaging and ultimately product shipped to institutional facilities or to retail consumer store shelves.

Water Drops
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